Donovan L. Cooper, MBA, ACBC

DonCooperDon, who has a passion for the health industry, has been a broker for over 35 years and a popular public speaker on Benefit Plan Design and Strategies throughout the nation.

Don earned his MBA in International Business from Thunderbird School of Global Management located in Glendale, Arizona. The focus at Thunderbird is a pragmatic approach to education. “Practical problem-solving” has been at the heart of his practice. Shortly after graduating, he moved to Southern California and entered the insurance industry.

A fee-based, consultative approach to benefits delivery has become a very hot topic. His webinars and classroom presentations are helping brokers with their increased concerns about compliance and design issues under PPACA. He first spoke on this topic at CAHU (California Association of Health Underwriters) annual conference in 2012.

Don and his wife Sandie founded TRIFLEX Corporation and their focus has continued to evolve from insurance sales to broker education, fee-based benefits plan design and technical support as the health industry has changed over the years. Innovation to meet the issues created by “Obamacare”, has kept Don a “student of the business”. He has authored numerous courses and articles for national benefit magazines.

Don Cooper, President TRIFLEX Corporation
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