Building a Consultative Benefits Practice

First of all, my apologies to all of you have waited patiently for the continuation of this series of articles. Unfortunately, I became a "statistic" this summer when I was one of the very small percent of joint replacement patients to acquire a "staff" infection. Rest assured that I will make every effort to continue the series on a regular basis going forward.

benefits intro-2


Since the August issue came out, I have received a number of requests for a general overview of the consultative process and a breakdown of the topics for the 12 parts of this series. The chart below is a good schematic of the consultative planning process.


The topics for the 12 parts are:

  • Part I Fact Finding
  • Part II Analyzing the Facts
  • Part III Developing a Benefit Strategies Proposal
  • Part IV Engaging the Employee – Employee Surveys
  • Part V Detailed Fact Finding – "The Vacuum Cleaner"
  • Part VI Handling Compliance Problems Part VII Benefit Plan Design – Defined Contribution
  • Part VIII Benefit Plan Design – Section 125
  • Part IX Benefit Plan Design – Employer Sponsored Benefits
  • Part X Benefit Plan Design – Voluntary Benefits Part XI Developing a Three Year Strategic
  • Plan Proposal Part XII Plan Implementation and Annual Review
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