Fee-Based Planning

The key role of the broker/financial planner is the financing and delivery of healthcare. One commonly recognized difficulty in doing this in an efficient, cost effective way is effectively engaging the consumer (employee) in the process.

A central role of the Benefits Consultant is to help employers develop a partnership with their employees with shared responsibilities. These responsibilities must be clearly defined and effectively communicated to employees to maximize benefit value.

Consultative strategic benefit planning (three-year plan design) is critical to development of working Employer/Employee Benefit Partnerships and to the preservation of our private healthcare delivery system.

Compensated through fee based planning services, TRIFLEX works exclusively through Group Brokers and Financial Planners (Benefit Consultants).

TRIFLEX provides startegic planning servicess and technical support that gives Benefit Consultants a distinct competitive advantage in the marketplace. By developing a multi-year strategic plan brokers can help their clients more effectively:

  • Control benefit costs
  • Improve plan efficiency and save money.
  • Utilize benefits as a recruitment and retention tool.
  • Assess and eliminate compliance risk.
  • Reduce HR time and manpower for benefits.


We are committed to being a positive transformational force in healthcare delivery and financing.

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