Defined Contribution – The CDHC Trifecta

Defined contribution is a cornerstone of CDHC and requires employees to be engaged in their benefits. Plan design using “Flex Credits” enhances this strategy. This course shows how to control the employer’s cost, engage employees in their benefits and provide new revenue streams for the broker.

The cost control benefits have long been understood, however, the employees’ recognition of this “cost-shifting” aspect has limited widespread utilization of this mechanism. New creative plan design strategies can now give employees a “trade-off” for accepting the greater financial responsibility imposed. Enhanced through the use of “flex credits” and other creative design options, defined contribution can be the perfect “Trifecta”. First, to control employer costs, second engage the employee in their benefits and third, provide new revenue streams to the broker.

Attendee will learn:

  1.   How to development of an employer/employee partnership.
  2.   The importance of employee education.
  3.   Why defined contribution is essential to healthcare consumerism.

Part I May 15th & Part II May 22nd presented at 8:00-9:00 AM and again at 10:00-11:00 AM CDT.
Both parts will be recorded for "on-demand" playback.


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