Does this webinar series apply to me?

Yes! If you deal with the benefits plan design, financing or implementation. These courses will offer insight to avoid compliance “land mines” and open NEW OPPORTUNITIES!


It is a must for Benefits professionals, Financial advisors, Human resources professionals, CPAs,  CEOs or CFOs of closely held companies. Increased enforcement imposed by ACA along with new and existing complexities have made traditional planning strategies ineffective and risky.

What problems am I having that these courses will solve?

Most benefits professionals understand the importance of keeping abreast of all the regulatory requirements imposed by Obamacare but are confused by its complexity and constant changes.


This valuable webinar series not only clears a path through the technical jungle, it also provides creative and innovative strategies to take advantage of the NEW OPPORTUNITIES created by it.

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Why is this seminar series important to those working with employee benefits?

The Affordable Care Act (ACA or “Obamacare”) has created a regulatory minefield!


With dramatically increased DOL and IRS enforcement anticipated in 2015, it is important that anyone dealing with benefits stay up to date on these changes. For those working with small to mid-size businesses, many of the previous regulatory issues were rarely enforced have now become a significant concern.


This webinar series not only covers the regulatory and compliance issues but also identifies many ways to take advantage of SIGNIFICANT OPPORTUNITIES made available under the new law.

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Why am I uniquely qualified to talk about this?

There is often a major disconnect between those that teach and those that actually utilize knowledge! 


Always considered a "techno-junkie", I bring a unique combination of technical expertise and boots-on-the-ground work experience to my courses. In the 38 years that I spent in the field helping employers with their benefits, I utilized my technical knowledge to provide innovative strategies that produced quality benefit plans at an affordable price.


Let me put my experience and knowledge to work for you.

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Where do I see things going in the next five years?

Employee benefits as an industry is in transition!  The legal, tax and technical expertise required to negotiate the minefield of regulations requires benefits professionals to become significantly more technically oriented.


In the past, product knowledge and quality service was sufficient to get the job done. Going forward, benefits professionals will have to become increasingly technically skilled. Consultative, problem-solving strategies will be required to get the job done. This transition from a product driven/service-oriented benefits delivery to a consultative problem-solving strategy is very similar to what happened in the life insurance industry between 1979 and 1986. This transition was from life insurance sales and service to financial planning.

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