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In today's turbulent political and economic climate, it is becoming increasingly difficult for brokers to help their clients control costs while providing employees with quality benefits. To successfully deal with these problems, brokers must work with their clients to develop a long-range strategic plan that provides "Flexible Benefits" that engage the employees as a "Partner" in the planning process.



"Checkmate" the competition with a consultative, strategic approach that refocuses the delivery paradigm from the traditional "Parenting" model to a "Partnership" model with "Flexible Benefits". This can be a daunting task but the results are amazing.
Successfully designing and implementing "Flexible Benefits" allows:
  • Employers - to provide quality benefits at an affordable cost.
  • Employees - to tailor benefits to meet individual needs.
  • Brokers - to expand their market at no direct cost to the employer.


TRIFLEX assists brokers with development of "Flex Plans" that work!  We provide:

  • Plan design and technical support services.
  • Broker education, CE workshops & seminars.

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