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DonCooperIt is becoming increasingly difficult to navigate the compliance/regulatory “mine field” since passage of “Obamacare”. This is particularly true for implementing Consumer Driven Health Plans (CDHC's). This webinar series focuses on consultative benefit planning strategies that will help the benefits professionals retain their clients, close more sales and expand their market base. You can even use the strategies to position yourself to charge fees.


The series of weekly one hour webinars presented on Fridays at 8:00 AM Pacific time beginning January 9, 2015 will cover the critical topics necessary for success in this new environment.

The Three Pillars of a Consultative Approach to CDHC

Consumer Driven Health Care (CDHC), demands a consultative marketing strategy.  Achieving consumerism in healthcare requires the employer to work with the employees to develop a partnership in benefits.  Dealing with the complexities and the necessary change is the focus of this course. 

Defined Contribution – The CDHC Trifecta

Defined contribution is a cornerstone of CDHC and requires employees to be engaged in their benefits. Plan design using “Flex Credits” enhances this strategy. This course shows how to control the employer’s cost, engage employees in their benefits and provide new revenue streams for the broker.

Budgetary Analysis Doing the Math

Concise financial analysis is critical to the “decision maker”. Many factors must be considered and analyzed to get an accurate financial picture. This course gives the broker the tools to evaluate these financial criteria and generate an accurate budgetary analysis.

Self-Funding, Doing it Right

Drastic changes in healthcare delivery resulting from the implementation of Obamacare is causing a dramatic shift to self-funding. This session will discuss the basic mechanics of how self-funding works, its position in the benefits marketplace and how ACA affects self-funding. Case studies will be used throughout to demonstrate applicability of certain concepts.

“Full Flex” For Small Employers

Have you ever tried to design a "full flex" cafeteria plan for a small employer that passes all the non-discrimination tests? In addition to the legal requirements, tools to help with discrimination testing and opportunities for benefit enhancements are discussed.

Enhance HSAs With Section125

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), especially in the post-ACA environment, is an essential tool for brokers to stay competitive. The pros and cons of both HSAs and FSAs will be covered. You will also learn how to recognize and deal with applicable compliance issues.

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